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Heartagram Boys

Cause we can love both!

-HIM and Bam-
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This is the H.I.M. and Bam Margera comm! (or Heartagram Boys.) Thanks for dropping by! Please read the rules. If you agree to the rules below, please click the "join this community" link above, or the "Join" banner at the bottom of the page.

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The H.I.M. and Bam Margera comm is run by: kyoudai_koibito and 0okie.

#1.) This community is for people who love the band H.I.M. and also love Bam Margera. If you're sick and tired of people calling you a poser or not a true fan, this is the place for you. I know I'm tired of all the haters.

#2.) Okay, first things first ... not that I hate slash or anything (really I don't) but this ISN'T a slash community. We don't want any fights over people pairing people or anything. On the flip side, don't bash people who like slash. Let's keep it nice people. :/ This is a place for people to show their support for fans that love both HIM and Bam. But, if you want to, you guys can post short, non-romantic fanfictions. It may prove to be amusing.

#3.) Cursing is allowed, but no excessive amounts of it. I curse, so I'm not going to be more of a hypocrite and ban it. Just don't say something like "bleep the bleeping bleeping bleep bleep bleep", okay? Thanks.

#4.) DISCLAIMER: All of the comments made here may not reflect the views of the moderator or of all the members of the community.

#5.) Please use LJ cuts for long posts or to cut off pictures. Even icons count as pictures. Put them behind a cut, PLEASE. This is mainly so you don't flood the comm, and people's friends pages.

#6.) Introduction posts are welcome, as long as they aren't pointless.

#7.) Please feel free to post other HIM or Bam communities here. Don't post rating communities or random ones that have nothing to do with HIM or Bam cause that's just annoying.

#8.) DO NOT cause trouble. Listen to the mods. Do not bother them in the comm OR in their personal LiveJournals. This comm does not support harassment. We do support self defense. If you do cause problems anywhere, you WILL be banned.

#10.) Please do not join if you are immature. And don't bother joining if you're a hater either. Really. Get a life. Enter at your own risk.

A few banners you can use to support us! :D Please host them on your own server. I recommend Photobucket.

Want to be our affiliate? IM or E-mail me if you would like to be our sister community!